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Licensure by Endorsement


What is licensure by endorsement?


Licensure by endorsement is an expedited permanent license for those physicians who qualify. Endorsement is NOT a temporary license issue process nor is it reciprocity.


What are the criteria for licensure by endorsement?


In brief, simple language, for license by endorsement you must:

1.    Hold a current license to practice medicine in another US state or Canada that has no disciplinary action, suspension, or restrictions.

2.    Be currently ABMS or AOA board certified.

3.    Have held an unrestricted license for five years in any US state or Canada.

4.    Disclose on the application form any physical or mental impairment that impacts your ability to practice.

5.    Disclose any significant (over $50,000) malpractice settlements or judgments in the past 10 years.

6.    Complete an affidavit affirming your eligibility and complete a criminal background (fingerprint) check.


Anyone seeking to be licensed to practice medicine in Idaho who is licensed to practice medicine in another state must submit a completed application and documentation that meets the following requirements:



How do I apply for licensure by endorsement?


1.    Complete on-line application as soon as possible.

2.    DO NOT request any verifications or certifications.

3.    Complete the addendum material and affidavit and mail to the Idaho Board of Medicine.



For a complete copy of the rules for licensure, click here.